Bedini SG

On this website I’ll post my progress regarding my attempts to replicate the Bedini SG according to the handbooks of A&P Electronic Media. The link to handbooks:

Since I’m mainly busy with testing, building and studying, I do not put updates here regularly at the moment, but hope that will change in the near future, posting more elaborate information about my findings.


Bedini SG running after finishing the Beginner’s Handbook:

Bedini SG running after finishing the Intermediate Handbook:

Current state of the Bedini SG: Running tests with the added circuitry from the Advanced Handbook.

Update 2022-12-18
After years of trying to isolate and optimize parameters to my best effort, I was not able to get this machine into over unity. Therefore, for now, I will stop the development of this machine and continue with a solid-state version where I have more control over parameters that are automated/out of my control with a rotor.